The Lock Up Brookvale

PACEARCHITECTS engaged by Leda Holdings to prepare schematics for this prominent Brookvale retail precinct site. The site unique in its location as it is zoned for Industrial in the heart of the retail hub with Westfield just across the road at this main intersection.
The design focused on the “Lock Up” storage holding brand that Leda Holdings was rolling out across NSW. It was important as is on every project to have a sense of underlining understanding of the client’s financial outcomes to make a project viable whilst also consideration to the social context.
Our team at PACEARCHITECTS prepared a scheme that was fresh and dynamic to create a sense of focus and revitalisation the main intersection and aimed to revitalise a sense of pedestrian activity as the ground levels, which is currently non existent in its current form.
The current plans are awaiting approval from Northern Beaches Council.

Brookvale, NSW