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Tender and Construction Documentation

Tender and Construction documentation are some of the most important documents which construction companies and project/asset owners deal with because they dictate who is going to be delivering what projects - which has a direct impact on all of the stakeholders.

Preparing tender documents can be a project in itself and reconciling and making procurement decisions can be quite the effort for asset owners and operators as well.

The best way to prepare and handle these documents is to break them down into packages. Each package should be for a specific area, phase of piece of work or product, so that the parties submitting tender documents can prepare accurate bids.

The construction documentation prepares the design for construction. Drawings including plans, elevations and sections, together with other details and schedules are prepared to enable construction approval.

These drawings will integrate the work of other specialist consultants. In additional to more detailed drawings, specifications and schedules are further developed to describe the quality of materials, finishes and quality of work necessary to meet the client’s requirements.

The time and level of sophistication required in preparing these documents will vary greatly based on the size of the project and clients/consultants involved. 

Our experienced team at Pace Architects have worked on delivering these packages for projects in excess of $50M. Our returning clients is a testament of our professionalism and client confidence in working with our team to ensure they are getting the best service everytime.

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