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Technicians at Work

Project Management

Our Project Management team is responsible for planning, overseeing and leading projects from ideation through to completion.

This is a senior role our organisation and requires interaction with a range of internal and external stakeholders, most often managing several moving project parts simultaneously. Our team focuses on completing a project as efficiently and promptly as possible, expect to see any of the following duties and responsibilities in a Project Manager job description:

  • Leading project planning sessions

  • Coordinating staff and internal resources

  • Managing project progress and adapt work as required

  • Ensuring projects meet deadlines

  • Managing relationships with clients and stakeholders

  • Designing and signing off on contracts

  • Overseeing all incoming and outgoing project documentation

  • Participating in tender process i.e. design, submission and review

  • Designing risk mitigation plan

  • Conducting project review and creating detailed reports for executive staff

  • Optimising and improving processes and the overall approach where necessary

  • Securing growth opportunities and initiating new projects

  • Managing large and diverse teams

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