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Building Model

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Our team at Pace Architects always strives to give our client the best service and that means we are continually updating our technology and software to meet the current trends.

Virtual design tools such as 3D modelling and simulation are becoming increasingly sophisticated and integrated. We believe their potential is best realised when they feed into an advanced design process that brings to life the interactions between designers and between each design element.

This process, known as building information modelling (BIM), is transforming the way that we design cities, buildings and systems to perform throughout their entire life cycle. Our entire team are trained and proficient in architectural documentation Revit and coordination with other main consultants on the same platform.

We build on Pace Architects long history of integrated working to shape BIM as a positive collaborative method. At its best, this method allows information to flow freely – between architects, engineers, technical specialists, owners and operators – to promote productive, open working relationships.

Using modelling for more joined-up working is helping our teams to reduce design conflicts, to produce more efficient designs and to fast-track schedules, to optimise layouts, even in tight spaces and to align efforts to achieve greater energy-efficiency.

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