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Concept Design and Development Applications

A concept design can be described as the process of developing a design strategy, or more simply put, the process of developing a solution to a problem.

This could include site conditions, aesthetics, local character, functionality and most importantly meeting budget constraints.


This involves talking to the client, gaining an understanding of their needs, their concerns, and the problems they need solved. This is then translated onto paper in the form of a sketch or a visual design.


The concept is the preliminary work undertaken by the architect to communicate a solution to the clients’ problems. It is the interpretation of the client’s ideas and desires for the completed project and it is from this point that further development and stretching of ideas can progress.

We work closely with stakeholders and developers in this early planning to aide them in establishing early preliminary costings to see whether a development is worth pursuing to ensure a return on their investments


By undertaking Design Development your architect polishes the concept and reduces the likelihood of modifications down the track. More importantly it provides the client with a greater understanding of how the project will be realized. Furthermore, it is at this point that your design will be reviewed in accordance to building codes and local regulations and laws.

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